Queer Mechanisms

Hello, world.

QUEER MECHANISMS is an emerging Glasgow-based art collective that documents, processes, debugs and reassesses queer methods of communication in the contemporary realm. We hack the patriarchal heteronormative gaze, break societal codes, drag & drop oppressive binaries into the trash, and rewrite alternative social scripts.

Our first exhibition at Nugget’s Castle for GY Fest displayed Natasha Lall’s textured sound installations about fragility, dysphoria, object impermanence, and fragments of childhood memories; Junie Latte’s regal portraits of queer bodies and sculptures of fetishes elevated into a contemporary mythology; Gori Mora’s voyeuristic take on communication systems, online connections, and secret networks through analogue and digital painting.

We frame our practice in a wider context of community networking and queer-initiated projects. We hope for our show to offer a safe(r) space for marginalised viewers and want to further conversation through a workshop about the coping mechanisms we use to buffer the strain of queer isolation and alienation.

Contact: queermechanisms@gmail.com