Document It Yourself: a zine about queer(ing) archives (2017) retells Junie Latte’s quest to find archives of local queer narratives in Glasgow, with the goal of making them more interactive and accessible to the public. This zine explores different libraries and queer initiatives in town, shares a few tips for those who are new to archival research, shows samples of documents that Latte found and illustrated, and helps readers/listeners retrace them if they wish to learn more.

On the website linked below, you will find a digital version of the zine to download onto devices, a printable version with printing and binding instructions, an audiozine with the same content for more accessibility, an address list of the local institutions visited during the research, and a bibliography. It’s all available for free.

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Document It Yourself at Glasgow Zine Fair
Document It Yourself at Glasgow Zine Fest 2018